Hot Chip – Atomic Bomb

Hot_Chip_William_Onyeabor_Atomic_Bomb_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_BlogThe momentum behind the omnipresent William Onyeabor infatuation is showing no sign of decreasing, and for good reason. Next Monday sees the ‘Atomic Bomb‘ night brought to London’s Barbican, bringing with it an esteemed collection of artists who feel inspired enough by the re-issue to express the need to recreate William Onyeabor’s music live.

It has now become apparent that the collection of remixes made available by Luaka Bop are part of a forthcoming release on the label bringing together contributions from some of the finest modern electronic producers around. You can read about the project in more detail via this Pitchfork article, but for now the only track available to hear from ‘What!?’ is Hot Chip’s cover of ‘Atomic Bomb’.

If you have followed the Onyeabor story then you will no doubt share our excitement about the next stage of the project. The caliber of artists involved is clear enough for all to understand, and if the Hot Chip cover is to be held as a barometer of the forthcoming collection, then this is sure to be yet another classic release from a label that keeps going from strength to strength.

William Onyeabor
Luaka Bop
19.4.14 via Record Store Day

01. Hot Chip: “Atomic Bomb” (Cover)
02. The Vaccines: “Do You Want A Man” (John Hill, Rich Costey Remix)
03. Justin Strauss & Bryan Mette: “Body and Soul” [Whatever/Whatever Remix]
04. Joakim: “Good Name” (Cover) [ft. Akwetey]
05. JD Twitch (Optimo): “Why Go To War?” (Cover)
06. Daphni: “Ye Ye” (Remix)
07. Javelin: “Heaven and Hell” (Remix)
08. David Terranova: “Body and Soul” (Remix)
09. Policy: “Something You Will Never Forget” (Remix)
10. Scientist: “Body and Soul” (Remix)


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