Highlife is the solo project of Sleepy Doug Shaw, and as the name suggests the venture incorporates plenty of Afrobeat/Highlife/Afro-Pop influences. One track that is included on the EP entitled ‘F Kenya Rip’ did the rounds this time last year (you can listen to it below), however a few more can also be heard over at the bands MySpace.

‘Burying Stones’ in particular is a much more subtle and adventurous attempt at incorporating the sound in question, and at over 5 minutes the structure and arrangement of the track is not only very pleasing, but borderline genius.

Best Bless EP
Release: September 28 2010
Label: The Social Registry

01 War Fair
02 F Kenya Rip
03 Burying Stones
04 Tuareg Dancehall
05 Wet Palm Trees


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