Hailu Mergia Remixes EP

The Awesome Tapes from Africa label has been releasing some incredible material since its inception, and some of the best responses were reserved for the re-issue of a Hailu Mergia LP earlier this year. As eclectic as ever, the record was packed full of soothing Ethiopian folk music with a nod to the 21st century.

It’s perhaps this amalgamation of era’s contained within the original release that has led to news of a remix EP. Announced for an immediate release this week, a handful of Hailu Mergia’s tracks have been tweaked, massaged and persuaded into new forms by artists such as Prins ThomasEl Guincho, and Protect-U.

You can check out the Prins Thomas ‘Diskomiks’ below, which somewhat fittingly combines the swooning nature of Hailu Mergia’s playing style with his lethargic take on Scandinavian ‘Space Disco’. Once that has tempted you into getting hold of the full release, you can pre-order it via Boomkat here.

1. Hailu Mergia – Wegene
2. Prins Thomas – Prins Thomas Diskomiks
3. Protect-U – Wegene (Protect-U Remix)
4. El Guincho – Ambasel (El Guincho Club Alizé Edit)

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