Grazia Peretz – Grazia!

The first full album release on Israel’s ‘Fortuna Records‘ is set to arrive this week in the form of a Turkish ‘Disco-Psych’ re-issue. Grazia Peretz’s ‘Grazia!’ was originally released in the 70’s, and by all accounts wasn’t received as well as it should have been by the folk obsessed audience at the time.

Fast forward more than 30 years and the diverse, forward thinking nature of the LP has been once again realised by the guys at Fortuna. You can find much more information about how and why the original album was recorded, as well as who was involved over at the ‘Light in the Attic’ blog. However if you want a copy yourself, be quick, there are only 1000 of these gatefold vinyl’s set to be pressed.

For now there is an album sampler embedded below, and even by listening to these snippets alone it’s very easy to imagine how radical this release must have seemed. The combination of American/western funk and disco influences are plain to hear, and combined with the youthful power in Grazia’s voice they make for an incredibly exciting re-issue indeed. Grab yours while you can.


Grazia Peretz
Fortuna Records

Syle Beni
Artik Sevmeyegegim
Eleveda Meyhaneci
Rampi Rampi
Olmek Var
Gidis O Gidisse


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