François Lougah – Bravo Sotra (Mop Mop Edit)

Mop Mop‘s previous appearance on these pages was when the French Fried boogie edit was doing the rounds. This time it’s a version of the François Lougah track ‘Bravo Sotra’ taken from the Ivory Coast Soul 2 compilation that warrants a mention.

Aside from the increased tempo and additional percussion, the re-working is fairly subtle. Not that there is much wrong with that – the track has now been brought in from the cold to warm by the side of the dancefloor, and will be glad for the change of scenery.

Uploaded to Soundcloud, there is only the low res stream to go by for now. News of a release and distribution details are no doubt imminent, but for now you will have to make do with warding off the winter weather with the link below.

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