Francis Bebey Remixed EP

With its release coming last week this one slipped under the radar, but we’re choosing to take the ‘better late than never’ approach. Officially released on 24th August via Born Bad, ‘Francis Bebey Remixed’ is an EP of edits and re-workings from the likes of Daphni, Pilooski, and more. With only 150 12″s pressed it’s sold out for now, but there’s nothing to stop you enjoying the soundcloud links and keeping your eyes peeled for any spares when they appear.

Following on from their release of Bebey’s ‘African Electronic Music‘ LP last year, this EP is a refreshing take on some of his other tracks with a view to them being dropped on a more discerning dance floor. Personal highlights include the ‘Pilooski’ edit, as well as ‘Young Marco’s’ ‘Coffee Cola’ version. There are a few of the tracks below for you to make up your own mind, however.


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