Four Tet – The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room

What came first – the track, or the hype? In this case, the line might be a tad more blurred than usual, and that particular definition is not helped by the title given to said track by the artist. Four Tet’s ‘The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About…’ has been given away as a free download this week, and with regards to the title alone could already be considered as a ‘first’.

Many comments have been made with regards to the affect social media and the internet as a whole, and the title of the track is clearly a comment on this (and in my opinion, a genius one at that). However not much has been said about the tune itself, the nature of which has resulted in its inclusion on this very blog. 
Another example of human breath being used as a portion of the programmed beats, ‘The Track..’ develops quite quickly into a frantic vocal driven 4/4 tempo. More interestingly there are a variety of (‘African’) male vocals arranged over a sparse 118 bpm, and with this it slowly evolves into a tidy, jacking house number. 
‘TEXT022′ is being put out with the artist listed as ‘KH’ (Kieran Hebden) (AKA Four Tet). If you were quick enough you might have been able to grab the single sided 12″, rather than being satisfied with the free download.


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