Fimber Bravo feat. Zongamin – Life After Doomsday

The discovery of this track over at Abeano has taught me many things. Firstly, Fimber Bravo is a fantastic steel drum player who has an album out in the new year, which as of this morning I cannot wait to hear. (Incidentally it is set to feature many producers, perhaps most notably Hot Chip, and is due out on 13th January on Moshi Moshi). Secondly, Zongamin is a Japanese producer who is based in the UK. Last but not least I am reminded that there are still artists who are striving to make original and ambitious electronic music incorporating varied, inspirational influences. More importantly, it is so refreshing to hear current producers who are not sucked into what is going on around them, and do not succumb to the temptation of letting the style-du-jour dictate the direction of their music.
‘Life After Doomsday’ is an 8 minute adventure, with contrasting styles and ideals brought together in a tasteful, refreshing manner. The original post on Abeano (who have the track as an exclusive) put it excellently by noting that the arrangement comes across as ”a fight between the relentless darkness and tropical glee”, a phrase which I don’t think I could better.
As of the time of writing, the only way you can hear the tune is by heading over to the original post and clicking on the play button. However, you should probably prepare to visit said link many times, and brace yourself for more coverage of this LP in the coming weeks.


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