Ebo Taylor – ‘Self Titled’ & ‘Conflict’ (Nkru!)

Mr Bongo recently announced the re-pressing of two albums by the mighty Ebo Taylor, master of all things Highlife. The self titled ‘Ebo Taylor’ LP (1977) and ‘Conflict’ (1980) have been made available for the second time, both available on LP or CD.

Both albums contain classic tracks that even the most casual of Ebo Taylor fans may be familiar with. The fifth track on the more traditional self titled album is the mighty ‘Heaven’, and the ‘original’ recordings of both ‘Victory’ and ‘Love and Death’ can be found on the more funk-infused ‘Conflict‘. Incidentally I had never heard many of these tracks up until now, my favorite of which has to be ‘You need Love’ which opens the latter of the two LP’s.

Needless to say these are two releases that are well worth getting hold of. The artwork has been perfectly reproduced by the guys at Mr Bongo, and the vinyl purchases come with a download link included. And in case you weren’t completely convinced, a line or two from the press release…

”Mr Bongo are delighted to release two of his most sought after albums, the self-titled Ebo Taylor and Conflict written with with Uhuru Yenzu.  Originally released in 1977, his self-titled album is a rarity that truly exposes the genius of the Ghanaian producer and arranger.  Conflict is a perfect example of Taylorʼs trademark approach that saw him inject a heavy dose of funk into Ghanaʼs traditional highlife grooves in an attempt to move away from what he saw as the musicʼs more traditional qualities.”

Ebo Taylor
1. Saana
2. Ntsir A
3. Bra
4. Ohye Atar Gyan
5. Heaven
6. Amponsah

Ebo Taylor
1. You Need Love
2. Love And Death
3. What Is Life?
4. Christ Will Come
5. Victory


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