Ebo Taylor – Appia Kwa Bridge

The father of contemporary highlife, Ebo Taylor is releasing his latest studio album on Strut records this Spring (17th April to be precise). Again recorded with the Afrobeat Academy, the premise of this latest LP seems to be based on the roots of Highlife music, and in particular the man himself focusing on more personal matters.

The only example of this that has been made available to date is his cover of  ‘Yaa Amponsah’, apparently one of the oldest recorded highlife songs. Both versions are below, however if you are anything like me you would want to get yourself acquainted with the original before checking out the updated, stripped down version.

(There are many other versions of this track, notably perhaps the most famous by E.T. Mensah)

There is also a video as part of the promotional material doing the rounds for the new LP (shot in Berlin – the home of the Afrobeat Orchestra). In it, Ebo Taylor talks about his own history, tastes, and his approach to the record. There is also a nice section with him playing his acoustic guitar, explaining some of the fundamentals behind the origins of the highlife structure.

The excitement levels should already be getting pretty high with this one, so if you want you can pre-order the album here via the Strut website. 


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    You can here more tracks from the new album here:

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