Easy Kabaka Brown – Belema

News of Soundway’s latest project has surfaced, and it’s a (limited press vinyl only) re-issue of ‘Easy Kabaka Brown’s’ ‘Opotopo’ LP. Originally released in 1976, Soundway are bringing it back from the hypothetical ‘dead’ with a re-press of just 1000 copies.

The more observant among you will notice that the initial preview track ‘Belema’ has been heard before on the label’s first of two ‘Modern Highlife’ compilations. If that is the case, you might even share the opinion that the track is a near perfect slice of highlife. ‘Easy’s’ almost talkative flow sits on top of the male backing vocals seamlessly, all of which is laid sporadically over some of the most reassuringly positive chord structure and lead guitar lines.
If the press release’s promise that the rest of the LP is as essential as this oh so familiar hit is true, then this really will be a release to watch our for.
Pre-order yours here. 
Easy Kabaka Brown – Opotopo
Soundway Records
A1: Agboho
A2: Kele Chi Gi
B1: Belema
B2: Onbumi
B3: Ibi Dyna


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