Dur Dur Band – Volume 5 (ATFA)

Although there is still more information imminent, the next release on the still relatively young Awesome Tapes From Africa label has been scheduled for February. ‘Dur-Dur Band’s’ ‘Volume 5′ was originally recorded in 1987 by the Somalian outfit and has been plucked from obscurity by the blog/label in the same fashion as previous releases (notably Na Hawa Doumbia and Bola).

For more information check the original post on the ATFA site here, or if you want some detail the ever reliable OkayAfrica has everything you need.

The track below is apparently the lead single for the LP is entitled ”Garsoore Waa Illah”. A steady, vocal laced roller, the track incorporates the usual detailed arrangements and relationships between vocal and instrument that are to be expected with any material from the region.


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