Dur-Dur Band – Vol. 5

A while back there was a post on this very site with the sole purpose of sharing the mood of anticipation for (what was then) the forthcoming Dur-Dur Band release on the Awesome Tapes from Africa label. As of this week, the wait is now over.

Every article that has so far gone hand in hand with this release talks about Dur-Dur Band’s huge range of releases and resulting success as one of Mogadishu’s most prolific acts during the 1980’s. Citing a raft of influences, ranging from West Africa to the West itself, there is a huge amount to take on board. It goes without saying the recordings do not do the purity of the sound quality any favours (the album was re-mastered from tape) but the imperfections merely bring character rather than reducing the level of enjoyment.

One thing you will have no choice to conclude after absorbing the record is the band’s relenting positivity, and resulting myriad of hits. Looking past the frailties within the transcription and un-avoidable language barrier, there is an immense amount of charm that cannot be ignored.

Get yourself a copy of the album via any of the links on the Awesome Tapes site. And if you’re quick there are copies on tape still available at the time of writing.


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