Colomach – Self Titled LP

The latest release from Soundway is with us, and it appears to be quite the special one. The more eagle eyed devotees among you may already know that Colomach’s tracks have appeared on a couple of infamous compilations in recent history (Soundway’s ‘The World Ends‘ and ‘Nigeria Rock Special‘ compilations), however, this is one album (recorded in 1974) that seems to have become as rare as hens teeth ever since.

Although it might loosely be labelled as an ‘Afro-Rock’ LP, the tracks support the claims in the press release that the recording is so much more. The dominant sound is definitely one of West African ‘garage’ origins, however elements of ‘Zamrock’ and Afrobeat can be heard, as well as a fairly conspicuous nod to the deserts in the North.

Limited to 500 copies on vinyl, the Colomach release is set to remain hard to come by in its original format. Alternatively you can  pick it up digitally and on CD, but before that is your only option try and grab a copy on wax here whilst you can.

Kpanlogo (Folklore) was the track that properly brought the release to my attention. Although it is fairly synonymous of the melodic, masculine songwriting on show it doesn’t come anywhere close to telling the full story. This is one album you really should give your time.


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