Bombay Disco (Disco Hits from Hindi Films 1979-85)

Bombay_Disco_Disco_Hits_From_Hindi_Films_Cultures_Of_Soul_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_BlogCultures of Soul‘ is a record label based in Boston. After a handful of releases spanning genres and countries that may be ‘familiar’ to most, they are now readying a compilation that is anything but. Focusing on the influence that Philadelphia and New York had on Southern Asia, ‘Bombay Disco’ is a collection of the ‘filmi‘ produced in the late 70’s and early 80’s with the glitter ball as its inspiration.

The music showcased on the compilation was the produce of Bollywood itself, and originally came from the requests made to Bappi Lahiri for what the film producers described as more ‘Saturday Night Fever’. To the untrained ear the results are on first listen somewhat intimidating. However although the phrase ‘disco’ can only be loosely applied to one or two of the tracks on display, there is no doubt of the direction being taken by the composers and more often than not the results are outstanding.

Two tracks in particular that shed some light on the amalgamation of genres are available to hear below. ‘Disco ’82‘ and ‘Dil Dil Dil, Kabhi Dil De Bhi To Do‘ are the most obvious examples on this particular release of how the disco genre was adapted by Indian musicians at the time. Although there are only samples of each track it should be enough to not only communicate the approach, but convince you that this is one compilation that is definitely not to be slept on.

Bombay Disco‘ is available from 4th March on Cultures of Soul. There is also a limited edition 12” containing tracks not available on the main release due out on the same date.


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