Black Truth Rhythm Band – Ifetayo

The mighty Soundway Records have recently announced the latest addition to their impeccable back-catalogue, and it comes in the form of a re-release of ‘Ifetayo’ by ‘Black Truth Rhythm Band’. Whilst the standards that labels such as Soundway are currently setting with their re-issues are disgustingly high, the preview of the upcoming release on the labels website suggest this one could be extra special.

The website offers much more information about the bands Caribbean background and their conscious decision to examine their African heritage. However even now on reflection, the temptation for the acts at the time to look at their American counterparts (the site mentions James Brown as one example) for inspiration must have been difficult to ignore.

The first track on offer from the full LP is ‘Umbala’. A low tempo and relatively sparse arrangement, the track is a long, progressive and very impressive blend of the various influences involved. The first time I heard it I was blown away by the way things creep anlong and develop from having an undoubtedly funk based structure to then ending up with not only a completely different tempo, but also a totally different feel. There is a noticeable contrast between the early bassy, vocal arrangements and the uptempo, almost highlife feel at the end.

You can pre-order the full thing here.


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