Batsumi – Reissue

November 28th saw the reissue of the self titled album from 1970’s Soweto jazz outfit ‘Batsumi’. Released on Matsuli Music the bands debut LP is a collection of deep, lively, flute-tinged Afro-Jazz. Additionally (according to the artwork on the original vinyl) the word ‘Batsumi’ describes a group of people hunting, and not for animals or dinner, but for ”Ideas, Music, Sounds, Art and Creativity’‘.

Although the band also reformed in the 90’s, the reissue is taken from the original master tapes which were apparently only found by mistake.
There are 5 tracks on the release, two of which come in at over ten minutes long, however it is the second track on the album (entitled Emampondweni) which seems to summarise the bands sound best. Coincidentally, this is the track that also soundtracks the introductory video above.
You can have a listen to the LP below, but I urge you to go the extra mile and follow the link within the widget and buy yourself a copy. Alternatively you can still (at the time of writing) splash out and get yourself a limited edition (500 press) copy on 180g vinyl at the labels link here.


1. Lishonile
2. Emampondweni
3. Mamshanyana
4. Itmuleng
5. Anishilabi


Thabang Masemola (Flute & Jew Harp), Themba Koyana (Tenor Sax), Buta-Buta Zwane (Vocal and Bongos), Maswaswe Mothopeng (Vocal and Guitar), Sello Mothopeng (Organ), Thabang Masemola (Batsumi Drums), Lekgabe Maleka (Drums), Zulu Bidi (Double Bass)


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