Batida – Album & Label news…

An announcement in the past week or so begun a new direction for the new year at Soundways Records, with the news that the label is to begin releasing material from current artists as well as the re-issues they have become synonymous with.

First up, from Lisbon (via Angola) is the full world release of ‘Batidas’ (AKA Pedro Coquenão) debut LP. The only track doing the rounds at the moment has a familiar feel in relation to the artists previous work, however the new relationship with this particular label (see here, here, here and here) definitely brings a new found importance to future releases.

‘Kah Heueh’ is quite a basic affair, however this could be seen as a welcome change to the frenetic style of previous tracks. Featuring guest vocalist Ngongo, the tune still maintains the deep Kuduro vibe mentioned, however in perhaps a more understated way.

Another interesting aspect of the release is that the cover art for the LP has been done by none other than Lewis Heriz, resident artwork for Tumbleweave favourites Sofrito. You can check out his previous (and amazing) work here.


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