Afrolicious – Dub For Mali

Afrolicious has up until now been the San Fransisco party run by two brothers going by the names of Pleasuremaker & Señor Oz. However ‘Dub For Mali’ is their first official attempt at creating and releasing anything. Featuring guests from night over time, the EP is a blend which leans as much towards reggae as it does to all things Afrobeat. After eventually used their knowledge and contacts to lay down some original material, they released the material earlier this year on ESL music.

The resulting feel is genuinely very eclectic, and the mood throughout the EP is predominantly by the more down tempo reggae feel of the last two tracks. The Hip-Hop influences, African vocal, and echoing, sparse percussion ensure a complex sound despite the low key feel.

The first track however is much more funk driven and the combination of the Afrobeat horns and percussion patterns makes it by far the strongest of the three. The deep rolling vocal (when used) brings a far more up tempo style compared to the relaxed reggae vocal on the other tracks. After a fairly subtle crescendo, the introduction of the big horn sound and that vocal go a long way to cementing the tracks dancefloor status.

You can download ‘Thursday Night Kinda Swing’ here for nothing, but make sure you get the full EP from somewhere similar to this.

A Dub For Mali

1. Thursday Night Kinda Swing
2. A Dub For Mali
3. Foolin’

Thanks to This Is Africa for the info and links.


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