Throwing Shade – Muslim Jazz Special on NTS Radio

Throwing_Shade_Muslim_Jazz_NTS_Radio_Tumble_Weave_Tumbelweave_BlogIt’s not often that a recorded radio show is featured on these pages. This is predominantly down to the fact that most music shows tend to lack focus and meander through a vast array of genres, rendering them invaluable to a ‘blog’ with a fairly specific focus.

However once in a while a DJ or producer will put together a selection on an era, style, or genre of music that is relevant. Sometimes the material selected for one of these shows can even be tasteful and educational. This 90 minute slot by Throwing Shade on everybody’s favourite station NTS is not only tasteful, educational and inspirational, but a near revelation.

The topic in question – ‘Muslim Jazz’ – could well be deemed intimidating. Don’t let that put you off – after all we are after some education and inspiration, are we not? Over the course of almost an hour and a half (her slot was extended mid way) Throwing Shade covers an impressive array of sub genres whilst discussing the artists behind the tracks, their religion (and reasons for converting), and social and political contributions to many of the apparent ‘defectors’ at the time.

Throwing Shade has a monthly show on NTS, and a Soundcloud page to showcase her productions.

Throwing Shade (Muslim Jazz Special) – 28th June 2014 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud


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