The Gospel According to Budgie – Parts I & II


This is not being written to break any news, to announce any new releases, or to encourage any attendance. What is is meant to do however, is draw your attention to a series of selections put together by a man going by the name of ‘Budgie‘.

The Gospel according to Budgie (parts 1 and 2) are a selection of late 20th century gospel jams that should leave your arms flailing and your knees weak. It isn’t about the lyrical content – it might be better to ignore that aspect of the tracks – as when they are decipherable the words are understandably focused on one thing only. Mind you if you are that way inclined, you will have struck gold on every level!

What you will notice is a collection of uplifting jams packed full of powerful choral harmonies, 80s slap bass and the most positive chord structures imaginable. It is for these reasons that you should get involved.

(For what it is worth, if you are still fully functioning after the run of tracks spanning ‘..Seven Seals’ and ‘Love Brought Me Back’ on the first of the mixtapes, you are a better man/woman than I).

You can also buy the CD of the second mix here via Honest Jons if you want the tracks separating. And it’s only a fiver.

The Gospel According To Budgie by Budgiefirebeats on Mixcloud

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BUDGIE II by Budgiefirebeats on Mixcloud


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