Sofrito – Funky Roseau! Carribean Funk & Soul Mix

In case you missed this last week, there is a new mix on the Sofrito site. The first one in a while, it’s a fairly atypical selection for them – particularly considering it’s been put together by Hugo himself. Whilst anything usually associated with Sofrito tends to lean towards the Latin end of the spectrum, it’s quite amazing how the Dominican based selection has its roots firmly in the sounds more typically associated with West African funk and boogie.

For what it’s worth there’s a track list below, but I doubt that will do many people any good such are the digging abilities of Hugo Mendez and co. What will do you some good however, is pressing play and doing your best to recover from the long weekend. Or you can download it here and check it out at your leisure.

Funky Roseau! Carribean Funk & Soul Mix
Compiled by Hugo Mendez

Sissy Strut – de Boys an Dem
Share Brother Share (pt.1) – The Gaylords Power Union
Instant Groove – Belles Combo of Dominica
Don’t knock my love – Swinging Stars of Dominica
Let me get stoned – Boo & the Tru Tones
Mangots – Pierre Labor & the Midnight Groovers
Wicked World Outside – The Gaylords of Dominica
Soulful Strut – Sparrow’s Troubadours
Eternal Love – the Blue Rhythm Combo
Another try – The Lunar 7
Ask Yourself – Mickey Dee
This bag I’m in – Richard Stoute
My Girl – the Blues Busters
Straighten it Out – Denis James & the N-Dees


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