Sofrito – Caribbean Boogie Selection

This mix has been available to download for a couple of weeks now, but it has taken me a little while to not only get around to listening but to properly absorb it. Andy Westbury is one half of the duo that run Eldica Records in Dalston, and he has put together a selection of Caribbean funk and reggae influenced tracks for Sofrito.

There are hundreds of mixtapes being released all over the Internet every day, but it is not that often one comes along that has been put together so lovingly, and with such a huge amount of background knowledge. Whilst some might say that this is easily done when being sat in a record shop all day, that approach is rendered irrelevant when you take this particular selection on board.

Whilst there are obviously many huge tracks on here, a couple in particular have caused me to lose my mind in a variety of supermarkets and train stations. ‘Hot Pants Road’ is an all percussion track that consists of layers upon layers of steel drums which create the rhythm section, melodies and harmonies in a way you have never heard before. Following straight on from that is ‘Pastime Paradise’, which is the toughest version of this particular tune I have ever heard (if you can’t guess from the title, you will know when you hear it).

The tracklist is available below, and the download link can either be found here or via the Sofrito site. Whilst the weather might not be up to scratch just now, this is a fundamental mix for the summer months ahead. Enjoy.

Caribbean Boogie Selection
These Eyes – Soca Hustle
The Troubedours – Gimme Some More
Sylvania East Side Steel Band – Hot Pants Road
Charlies Roots – Pastime Paradise
Embryo – Wanjang Woman
Robert Bailey – Trinidad
Last Supper – Black Bull
Lunar 7 – African Bump
The Fantastics – You Dont Love MeThe 
Outfit – Dr Spougenstein
Johnny Limbo – A Little Bit Of Everything
Carol Addison – Im Tricked Im Trapped
Brothers – Thoughts


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