Ronaldo Evangelista – Ver-O-Peso (Mix)

I cannot claim to have done the investigatory work that resulted in the discovery of this mix (that award goes to Hugo Mendez and his Twitter account), but that isn’t a fact that will stop me shouting about it.

‘Ver-O-Peso’ was compiled by Ronaldo Evangelista (who is seemingly part of the Veneno Soundsystem) to be a part of as a result of a trip to Belem, Brazil. Apparently the home of Carimbo, the sounds on the mix tape are an up tempo selection of Brazilian tracks that have clearly taken plenty of influence from such styles as Merengue, Soca and other genres usually associated with the Caribbean. Incidentally I have stated many times previously that ‘Latin’ (for want of a better phrase) music is not necessarily a priority of mine, this amalgamation of influences is just another example of how far off the mark my initial impressions obviously were.

Addtionally (and in a slightly controversial step which could potentially render the work of all diggers/selectors who put together mixes such as this useless!) you can download either the mix as a whole (here) or each of the tracks separately (here). Whilst this may not be advisable in every instance (part of me feels that track lists should be kept a secret, let alone making individual songs downloadable) I am extremely grateful, and would recommend hitting up both while you can.


Nazaré Pereira – Purity Sinha
Pinduca – Dona Maria
Xavier – Mixed Carimbó with Ciranda
Master Cupijó – Where’s the Ring
Folkloric Group of Pará – Lundu
Master Verequete – Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen
Courage Brothers – Mambo Bullfinch
Guarujá Super Band – El Mambo de los Maestros
Mark Gilkes – La Banda Rubber
Teixeira Manaus – Bailando Cumbia
Pim – Lambada Bar
Hugo Blanco – Un Padrenuestro en la Playa
Sompop Set – Queen Sea
Master Vieira – Cumbia National
Marajó Carlos – the Lambada Lambadeiro
Marinela – Carimbó the Village Mosqueiro
Candango the Ypê – Chilli Pepper
Pinduca – Lambada No 3


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