Paris DJ’s – Soundway Records 10th Anniversary Series – Part 3 (Chris Menist)

Mix no. 3 in the 4 part series to celebrate the Soundway Records 10th anniversary is by Chris Menist, perhaps most famous for compiling the Sound of Siam and Thai? Dai! compilations. Following on from the first two mixes by Miles Cleret and Batida, the selection this time round is perhaps more varied than previous ones.

The mix spans through tracks hailing from such places as Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, the French Carribean, Guyana, and moves on to genres from the middle east that might perhaps have been more expected from Chris Menist. Subsequently with everything from Folk, Highlife, Funk, Psych and Tribal styles getting an airing, this is certainly a contender for the title of the most eclectic mix in the series.

You can download or stream the mix here via the Soundway site, and check out the track list below for a comprehensive education in a vast array of ‘world music’ genres.

Chris Menist – Leftfield Sunshine

01. Baden Powell – Cegos Do Nordeste
(from ‘Canto On Guitar’ album, 1971 / MPS)
02.  Edzayawa  – Naa Korle
(from ‘Projection One’ album, 1973 / EMI Nigeria)
03. Otarus – Okuanibo
(from ‘Otarus’ album, 1970s / EMI Nigeria)
04. City Boys Band – Abrabo Ye Ntoboas
((from ‘Odo da Baabi, Rainbow’ album, 1976 / Diram)
05. Anzala Dolor Velo – Soulage
(from ‘Anzala, Dolor, Vélo’ 197? / Aux Ondes Disques Celini)
06. Les Pachas – Afro Pacha
(from ‘Solitude’ album, 1973 / Macaya)
07. Kante Manfla – Keleya
(from ‘Keleya’ 7 inch, 1969 / Djima)
08. Sir Victor Uwaifo – Ogieni (Ekassa 17)
(‘from ‘Ekassa – Modern Music Of African Folklore’ album, 1972 / Philips Nigeria)
09. Kwanjit Sripachan – Tam Boon Kan Terd
(from ‘Tam Boon Kan Terd’ 7 inch / Two Birds)
10. Ang Kanang Kunchai – Lam Plearn Pattana
(from Star Records LP)
11. Kugiran Kilat – Asilin
(from Life LP)
12.  Black Star Musical Clu b – Nakueleza Azizi
(from 7 inch / Melodica)
13. Fangool – Mariama
(from ‘Fangool’ album, 1980 / Discafrique)
14. Makka Bees – Fire!
(from ‘Nation Fiddler’ 7 inch, 1977 / Congo)


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