Paris DJ’s – Soundway Records 10th Anniversary Series – Part 1 (Miles Cleret)

The 10th Anniversary of Soundway Records was celebrated officially earlier this year, but in a continued display of the undoubted influence and success enjoyed by the label and its founder, Paris DJ’s  have announced a series of mix tapes to mark the occasion.

Kicking off with a ‘Nigerian Rock’ selection from the main man himself Miles Cleret, the series seems to be intent on exposing all aspects of the labels tastes and is set to include contributions from Batida, Chris Menist and Quantic.

You can stream or download the first of 4 mixes here, The selection (track list available below) draws on material already made popular with the modern audience as well as some unknown gems. Additionally whilst it might carry the Nigerian ‘Rock’ label, there are a fair few deep slices of funk and disco to compliment the  selection.

Perhaps my favourite track that has come about as a result of the mix is ‘Bullwalk’ by ‘The Comrades’ (which you can check out here). There are also some very nice words from Paris DJ’s about the origins, progress and huge success of Soundway Records here. On top of that, the array of artwork from various Soundway compilations included in the article not only reminds you of how many there have been over the years, but also of the high standards they have been setting. 

Miles Cleret presents Nigerian Rock: 

01. The Cranes – Joy (Quantic Edit)
(from ‘Ahyewa’ 12 inch, 2012 / Soundway)
02. Gnonnas Pedro – How Much Love Naturally Cost (Edit)
(from ‘Sweet Combine’ album, late 70s / Éditions Gnoinsopé)
03. Dr. Adolph Ahonotu – Ijere
(from ‘Odejimjim’ album, 1985 / Mirabel, reissued on ‘Nigeria Disco Funk Special’ compilation, 2008 / Soundway)
04. Keyboard – Peaceable World
05. Semi Colon – Chi Chi Lovin’
(from ‘Chi Chi Lovin’ album, 1978 / EMI Nigeria)
06. The Action 13 – More Bread (To The People)
(from ‘More Bread to the People’ 7 inch, 1973 / EMI Nigeria, reissued on ‘Nigeria Rock Special’ compilation, 2008 / Soundway)
07. M.B.T’s – M.B.T’s Sound
(from ‘Tia Lokolo’ 7 inch, 1977 / MB Sound)
08. The Comrades – Bullwalk
(from ‘Mr. Love’ album, 1977 / Clover Records, reissued on ‘The World Ends’ compilation, 2010 / Soundway)
09. Bendel Volume 50 – Iyeye Man Ni Iye (edit)
(from ‘Iyeye Ma Ni Iye’ album, 1978 / EMI Nigeria)
10. Jay-U Experience – Some More
(from ‘Enough Is Enough’ album, 1977 / EMI Nigeria, reissued on ‘Nigeria Disco Funk Special’ compilation, 2008 / Soundway)
11. Benis Cletin – Jungle Magic
(from ‘Jungle Magic’ album, 1979 / Afrodisia)
12. Itadi – Live in Another World
(from ‘Watch Your Life’ album, 1977 / Disques Aziza, reissued on ‘Afro-Beat Airways’ compilation, 2010 / Analog Africa)
13. Keyboard – Tomorrow We Can’t Say


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