Nonsense on NTS

Nonsense are Benny Blanco, Judah (Deviation) and Femi Adeyemi (founder of NTS). Boxing Day 2012 saw them take over the NTS airwaves for 14 hours straight. Help came from all corners of the musical spectrum with guests including Sean Mcauliffe, Thristian BPM (Boiler Room/NTS), Acyde (The Shining), Andrew Ashong and the mighty Floating Points.

I caught some of the session live myself, but was hoping that it would (as all NTS shows tend to) be uploaded for the humble listener to catch up on. Thankfully, my prayers have been answered and you can now check the whole thing over at the stations website. Split into 6 parts, the sections are all available via Soundcloud links.

I cannot pretend to have heard it all (I am currently making good progress though) but you really should get to know regardless, whatever your musical persuasion. The caliber of guests involved, as well as the standards usually set by the Nonsense guys means that this is not one to miss.

You know what to do. Enjoy.


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