Moroka – The Gospel of Kwaito (Mixtape)

Moroka_Gospel_of_Kwaito_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_blogGospel is criminally underrated. Perhaps the most ‘successful’ recent exponent of gospel in any form is Budgie. There’s also the Gee’s Bend project that seems destined to see the light of day. The latest addition in the line of retrospectives comes from London town’s Moroka.

Touching on all corners of what can only tentatively be described as a range of Kwaito/Soweto gospel/house (& everything in between), ‘The Gospel of Kwaito‘ is a blissfully uplifting selection of music plucked from one of the most positive corners of the music spectrum. There’s a track list below – one that if you are anything like me will be sifted through with a fine-tooth comb But before going overboard on the technicalities, do your best to resist and enjoy the selection for what it is.

The Gospel of Soweto

1. Prophecy of the Village Pope – Zola
2. Moya – Sipho Makhabane
3. Monate (Kwaito Remix) – Brenda Fassie
4. Mama Ka Zuzu – DJ Bobo
5. Next to You – DJ Bongz
6. Re Tla Dula Re Rapela – DJ Call Me
7. Tlou – DJ Cleo
8. Track 7 – Bojo Mujo
9. Church Song (feat. Chaka-Chukwu) – DJ Killer
10. Halleluya Uyinkosi – Big Nuz
11. Inhliziyo Yam – Mzekezeke
12. Ithemba Lam Likuwe – Lundi ft The Jaziel Brothers


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