Little Dragon Went To South Africa

It goes without saying that House music in South Africa is a big deal. It has featured on these very pages a few times – Drew Cool’s Mzansi Unearthed series being perhaps the most comprehensive example, and the forthcoming Awesome Tapes from Africa release is a highly anticipated re-issue of Penny Penny’s ‘Shaka Bundu’ LP.

The latest exponent of the countries fascination with all things house are Little Dragon. As well as working on some new material, they have found the time to put together this selection of kwaito, SA house, and 90’s jams. There is a track list below, but that might not mean much to most people. The best thing to do is press play, and enjoy this interpretation of a hugely underrated scene.

1. Do It Blek Sem – Dj Cleo
2. Kuyafiwa – Dj Cleo
3. Ruthless – Dj Cleo
4. Jezebel – Professor feat. Oskido & Dj Tira
5. Mambotjie – TKZee
6. unknown name – Abafana Bovenvane from their cassette SIBALI. label is USM and the cassette no is ZGAL 2080
7. Africa Natives (silly willy) – Mzee
8. Mono T Jam – Oskido & Master Wakes
9. Akhonto feat. Lelethu – Dj Clock
10. Terminator – Dj Gukwa
11. Ndiya Ndiya feat. Zulu Naja – Dj Cleo
12. Track 7 – Dj Christos from Afrodessia mp3 disc1
13. Djs Manifesto – Oskido
14. Banane Mavoko – Black Motion feat. Jah Rich


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