Kwesachu – Mixtape Vol. 2

Yes, this mixtape is everywhere right now, and yes, it has been around since the weekend, but if it somehow managed to bypass your attention you really should have a listen. There is a huge variety of styles throughout the follow up to the first mix, even despite the fact that every one has been made (I believe) especially for the release. This  owes as much to the abstract range of influences found in both Kwes and Micachu‘s solo ‘material’ as well as the multitude of guests that make an appearance.

To pick a favourite or even definitive track or two at this early stage would be unfair, but ‘DJ Set’, ‘Plastic Coins’ and ‘Bird Milk’ are doing big things.

Additionally Kwes released his latest EP ‘Meantime’ on Monday, and Micachu & The Shapes are set to release ‘Never’ later this year – something which I am particularly excited about.
Kwesachu Mixtape Vol. 2
Track list: 

1. HCHMWBIA – ft. Ghostpoet/Grant Armour of CLOUT!
2. Dj Set – Micachu & Kwes.
3. Beast – Raisa.K ft. Evian Cafun
4. Awol – Amen (Micachu & Pete Wareham)
5. Plastic Coins – ft. Speech Debelle/DELS
6. (Ripped) Blossomshoes (excerpt) – w. CLOUT!
7. Visual Mind Control – ft. Speech Debelle
8. Bird Milk – ft. DELS/Bella Wilde
9. So What – ft. Bang On! & Lee Scott
10. Nothing – ft. Tirzah
11. Glub (excerpt) – Dorovio Bold
12. Papertigers – Action Pyramid
13. LGOYH (alt) – ft. Dels/Kwes./Elan Tamara/Hebe Jones/Evian Cafun/David Okumu of The Invisible
14. 7-5 (Change) – ft. Coby/Grant Armour of CLOUT!/Elan Tamara


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