Hugo Mendez (Sofrito) – ‘Bon Bagay Là’ Mix

Just in case you might not have been browsing when it was put out last week, this is just a reminder to check the mix that Hugo Mendez has put together. In anticipation of ”an exciting 2012” for Sofrito, the selection contains ”mixture of heavy big band Compas, Soukous and bits and bobs from all over the place”.

My own personal favourites, or at least the tracks that are standing out, come second and third in the running order. ‘Bizamssé Poupélés’ ‘Le Prince Edouard Ouedraogo’ (3:50) is a cheeky tropical number, and is given the time to roll it deserves. Around 6 minutes after being dropped, it moves over for ‘Embalo do Pinduca’ by ‘Vamos Ferrear’, which contains one of the catchiest choruses I have come across in a long while.

”Bon Bagay Là” seems to directly translate from creole as simply ‘Good Stuff’. What more can I say.

You can get more info on the Sofrito site, or alternatively download the mix via this link here. 

‘Bon Bagay Là’ Mix:

Cout’ Bat’ – Super Ensemble d’Haïti
Bizamssé Poupélé – Le Prince Edouard Ouedraogo (3:50)
Vamos Ferrear – Embalo do Pinduca (9:40)
Oye Ya – Los Satelites
Assou – Ryco Jazz
Nalembo Masolo – Les Ya Toupas du Zaire
Ambiance – Raymond Cicault et sa Nouvelle Formation
Sabroso Guaguanco – Tommy Olivencia y su Orquesta
Jeuness Merengue – Orchestre Harmonie Voltaique
La Tuka – Tex Williams and Orchestra


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