Fortuna Records Boiler Room mix

What goes around, comes around. In classic full circle fashion the very source that inspired a recent flurry of Middle Eastern activity on this site is back, providing a fitting conclusion to a period of investigation several weeks after it was first recorded.

More specifically the Fortuna Records Boiler Room session that took place at the end of August is finally available to hear again. The team behind the ‘Grazia Peretz’ reissue and Brownswood mix (to name just two examples) were invited to deepest E8 whilst in town and laid down a selection formidable enough to educate any mind that was willing to learn.

Standout tracks for us (for now, at least) include a piece of Israeli Jazz by Albert Piamenta from the LP ‘Jazz Work Shop’ (a snippet of which you can hear in the first minute of this video). Alternatively you could check this slice of raw Turkish funk by Nese Karaböcek entitled ‘Yali Yali’.
The expansive nature of the mix can’t really be done justice here – you’ll just have to press play on the link below. Some tracks may not be to your taste, but there’s no doubt that everyone with a remote interest in what was played will take at least a handful of positives from the 2 hour session.


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