Egyptian Hip-Hop – Clash Magazine Global Playlist

Egyptian Hip-Hop are not a band that I have ever paid too much attention to. In hindsight this seems like it could have been a mistake, even if only for the bands name and what it implies. 
On 5th November they release the single ‘Yoro Diallo’, a track clearly inspired by the rhythm and arrangements of West Africa. In honor of the new single and in line with the Clash Magazine ‘Global Playlist’ series, Egyptian Hip-Hop have put together a selection of their favourite African tracks in an attempt to consolidate their influences into a 10 (or in this case 12) track playlist.
The selection on offer draws predominantly from the ATFA blog, incormorating a lot of the casio-inspired digitised sound that is synonymous with both the era and format. The track list is available below but there is more info on each tune over at the Clash Music site. The descriptions and reasons for each ones inclusions are a worthwhile read – all written by the band, all providing an insight into why they are picked and what the background of each tune is. Whether you are reading this post because of your affinity with the guitar based influences of Egyptian Hip-Hop, or are a regular purveyor of African music, the mix is well worth checking out – especially when considering the points of view involved and the nature of the genre’s being brought together.  
Download the whole thing here. 
1. Saba – Ramata Diakite
2. Untitled (Track 1) – Woubeshet Feseha 
3. Akazehe par deux jeunes filles – Unknown (from the album Burundi : Musiques Traditionnelles) 
4. Side 2 – Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud 
5. Jema Yiri – Lamissa Bengali 
6. Side A Track 1 – Mnat Azawan 
7. Mory Djo – Ami Koita 
8. La-Amber – Archach 
9. Sele sene seqlet – Alemu Aga 
10. Kumadugu – Souley Kanté 
11. Bome Nnwom – Ata Kak 
12. Horma – Yoro Diallo dit Fernando Moutchatcha 



  1. e h h · November 4, 2012 Reply

    just would like to clarify that not all the tracks are from awesome tapes, and that we would have given due credit to that blog had brian not emailed us requesting we never mention him/his blog again.
    also perhaps a more careful listen is recommended… a fair amount of these tracks contain only acoustic instruments – no ubiquitous keyboards / drum machines etc that u seem to imply
    thanks for the mention though !


    • Tumbleweave · November 8, 2012 Reply

      Hi Guys,

      Firstly, apologies if I caused any offence. I don’t put anything on here that I don’t like, and if I don’t have anything nice to say, I tend to keep my mouth shut.

      Great selection though, I really appreciate the insight. And thank you for the ‘constructive’ criticism. Honestly.

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