Clash Magazine Kenya Special Mix

In celebration of the Kenya Special compilation being released on Soundway, two of the 5 contributors to the track list (namely Fredrik Lavik and Afro7) have put together a mix for Clash magazine. The selection is as eclectic as you might expect after hearing the release itself, and comes with the snap, crackle and pop of the tired wax that was used in the process.

There is a LOT to learn from both the compilation and this supporting selection – the broad nature of styles on offer far surpasses any other compilations of a similar nature. The phrase ‘crate-digging’ has perhaps never been as apt as it is here, and the supporting photo of Frederik (as included in the original Clash magazine article) supports that theory.

Check out the mix as soon as you can, and I defy you not to re-visit over the weekend. This is one that will no doubt take some time to appreciate.


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