Boglewaltz – Breakplus Digs Ghana

You may have come across the Boglewaltz guys before – their compilation a while back was (and still is) full of bangers. You can find out more about the guys here, but for now it is all about the mixtape that Boglewaltz member Breakplus put out last week. In the age old tradition I have pinched the press release from the mixtape to give you a better idea of the back story:

”In March 2011 Breakplus went to Ghana to visit the first Asabaako music festival and get a suntan. He came back with 60 vinyl gems and an excess baggage-load of musical inspiration. His crate digging adventures in Accra threw up records from Ivory Coast, Zaire, Nigeria and of course Ghanaian fire aplenty. 

Lovingly restored to their former glory back in his north London studio, these ‘plates’ (as they’re known in Ghana) make up the ‘Breakplus Digs Ghana’ mix – over 90 minutes of rare and brilliant West Afican funk, highlife, disco and juju from the 1960s, 70s and 80s proudly presented by Boglewaltz”

Needless to say the contents of the mix are not to be missed. There are a fair few artists that you may be familiar, but I guarantee that there are tracks you have not yet heard, and lessons you have not yet learnt.

I have also been luck enough to be given a look at the track list for the mix – completed in as much detail as possible – by the man himself. You can stream the mix below or alternatively download it here.

Breakplus Digs Ghana by Boglewaltz on Mixcloud


Breakplus Digs Ghana

Ramblers International – Nana Gyamfi
Alex Konadu’s International Band – Yesu Se Wabre
Kiki Gyan – Peace For Africa
Asare Bediako – Ewisia
Alhadji Haruna Ishola and his Apala Group – Egbe Omojaiyijaiye, Shagamu
Thony Adex – ???
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey – ???
Emperor Pick Peter – ???
Attakora Manu and his Sound Engineers – Onipa Nse Hwee
The Ramblers Dance Band – Knock on Wood
??? – ABC
Kofi Asamoah – Suzy
Nyboma et l’orchestre Les Kamale Dynamiques du Zaire – Doublé Doublé
Merciful Cross Gospel Band – Peter
Sonny Okosun – Who Owns Papa’s Land?
Joe Mensah – Karamuja Boogie
Eddie Quansah – Awake
Ngalle Jojo – Ngigna Loko
Sweet Talks – Ebusua
??? – ???
Ozzidi – The Light of Jah
C.K. Mann – Mber Papa
??? – ???
K. Frimpong – Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wopena



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