Take Me Away Fast

After coming across this project recently I thought that not only was it too good not to put up here, but that if I did I might in some tiny way be able to help.

‘Take Me Away Fast’ (the title comes from translating the word ‘Zemidjahns’, or moto-taxi, – which originates from a local language in Benin called ‘Fon’ – into english) is a documentary about the travels of Frank Conakry around west africa from 2005-2008.

After spending 3 years digging through crates and attempting to salvage as much classic vinyl as possible, the footage from the trip is being turned into a documentary. However the creators of the film have hit a stumbling block and are attempting to raise funds in order to complete the project. You can donate to the cause at the website (click here for the link) and read much more about the whole thing on Frank Conakry’s amazing ‘Voodo Funk’ blog (link here).

Im sure you will agree that this film needs to see the light of day, and if you can help the cause in any way, please do. Here’s the official trailer, which is being submitted as part of an application for funding…..

Additionally ther are several mixtapes that Frank has put together containing some of the material he has discovered along the way. Whilst this is a lot to take on board (i’m still trying to get my ears around it all) it is a must that you check them out if and when you can. Check the link here for a few of the latest offerings.


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