RA – Real Scenes: Johannesburg

”Real Scenes is a series of films in which Resident Advisor explores the musical, cultural and creative climate within electronic music’s key destinations. We’ll look at the role singular figureheads—producers, DJs, promoters—play in making their city’s music scene a point of world-wide interest. We’ll also look at places, spaces and inspirations, seeking out the essence of what gives these hyper-local scenes a truly global resonance.

For the first installment of 2013 in RA’s ‘Real Scenes‘ series, the spotlight is on South African house music and specifically its hub – Johannesburg.

I feel the need to state that I am by no means an expert on this scene – as with the majority of the posts on Tumbleweave – and I am merely an enthusiast looking to learn as much as possible, about as much as possible. However there are elements of the video that could maybe have been anticipated by anybody before even watching the documentary. In particular the hardships that the artists experience not only making but even (historically) listening to music of this nature – with both financial and social origins – are prominent throughout. It seems to me that as with many elements of African culture in general, these experiences have formed an aspirational attitude that is so very positive and unrelenting.

It also becomes clear very quickly that South Africans (and in particular the members of the black community) live for house music. It could also be said that the passion and unrelenting positive attitude that goes into all elements of the scene is manifested in the uplifting arrangements and keys/chord structures within the tracks themselves.

The Johannesburg episode of Real Scenes is streaming over at the Resident Advisor site right now. Do go and check it out.


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