Benda Bilili

‘Benda Billi’ comes to UK cinemas on the 18th March. You can check out the films website here, and the trailer below. This shit promises to be deep, so dont miss out…

”Ricky has a dream: to make Staff Benda Bilili the best band in Congo Kinshasa. Roger, a street child, more than ever wants to join these stars of the ghetto, who get around in customized tricycles. Together, they must avoid the pitfalls of the street, stay united and find the force to hope in music. Spanning five years, from the first rehearsals to their triumph at international festivals, Benda Bilili! (“beyond appearances”) is the story of this dream becoming a reality”


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  1. Hot White Junk · April 11, 2011 Reply

    yes been busting out the bilili all week!

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