Tate Summer School – Larry Achiampong and Brian Shimkovitz in Coversation

TateAs part of a series over the course of last summer, the Tate Modern hosted a transatlantic link-up between Brian Shimkovitz (ATFA) and Larry Achiampong. The two talked for over an hour about many aspects of African music and how their own projects and experiences are based around it.

Covering a vast range of topics, the discussion touches upon past experiences, means of collecting and arranging music, resources, researching, and the dedication each of these aspects requires.

Admittedly this is an event that might have only be attended by the most ardent enthusiast, but if you missed out back in August the whole thing is now available to hear again online. You can download the audio recording of the entire event here, or alternatively head over to the Tate Modern page for more info and the original link.


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