Mad Raff #12 – The 80’s Party

Mad Raff is a dancehall party happening every Wednesday at the Social on Little Portland Street in London. This week it is Mad Raff #12 – The 80’s Party. It’s been a while since any dancehall graced the walls of the this site, but there is something about the music being made in that part of the world and at that time that does something to me.

In the build up to tomorrows dance, the guys have been posting videos via their Facebook events page that go some way to give the beginner a taster of what is to come, and what they have been missing. You can also check one or two of them out here…

Through the course of watching the clips posted by the guys at Mad Raff this week, I was reminded of one of my favourite ever Soundsystem videos. Whilst (with regards to this particular post) the video may not be strictly from the 80’s, the exchange between the mightiest of Deejays ‘Supercat’ and ‘Nicodemus’ is not to be missed.

One thing that is very easy to forget is that dancehall should be for life, and not just the summer…

Stonelove Birthday Bash 90 – Supercat – Nicodemus by JAHLIVE29


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