Jeri-Jeri – Live

Over the last couple of nights, Jeri-Jeri performed some live shows in France. Whilst the most recent shows have not yet had any video coverage, there is some footage available on the projects Ndagga website/blog from earlier this year.

As was to be hoped, and in line with the released material (which has been very well documented on these pages), the show seems very impressive to say the least. Seemingly there are no live shows planned other than the gigs that took place in France this week. A London show would be amazing, and this is hopefully something that is in the pipeline, but at this stage I can only dream. Any information anyone has would be appreciated, so feel free to get in touch.

For now though, we will have to make do with the footage from a Milan gig shot back in May. With up to ten people on stage (if you count the dude thrown off early on) the band at the time consisted of Mbene Diatta Seck (vocal), Bakane Seck (sabar), Bada Seck (sabar), Pagaye Mbaye (sabar), Modou Mbaye (tama), Laye Lo (drums), Assane Ndoye Cisse (guitar), Abou Dieng Ba (bass), Ibou Mbaye (keyboard). Pure fire, as I’m sure you will agree. 


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