Dancing Time With Soundway – 10th Anniversary Party

20th April (Friday) sees Quantic and Batida headline Soundway Records  10th birthday party. As well as celebrating the occasion alone, the night will also provide the platform for Quantic’s next release on the label (Los Miticos Del Ritmo) as well as a live show from Batida (for the very first time in London and featuring ”dancers, MC’s, VJ’s, and live sampling & percussion”).

Whilst much has already been made of Batida becoming the first current artist on the label (read more here) an equally compelling prospect is the imminent release of Quantic’s  ‘Los Miticos Del Ritmos’ LP. According to the full press release on the label’s site, not only does the album contain covers of artists such as Queen and Michael Jackson, the whole thing was recorded on 4-track tape.

Another aspect to the release is the screen printed artwork by long time Soundway/Sofrito collaborator Lewis Heriz. You can read more about him here, and see the artwork and some photographs of the design in production below.

You can get your tickets for the event here, but act quickly because something tells me this is going to be a night to remember.


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