Asabaako Festival (London Launch Party)

Next friday sees the London launch for the Asabaako Music Festival which takes place on Busua Beach in Ghana every year. The venue is Juno in Shoreditch, it is £6 to get in, and the night is set to continue until the early hours.

”The Asabaako Music Festival flies in for one night only from Busua Beach, Ghana, to Juno in Shoreditch. Bringing some sub-Saharan heat on August Bank Holiday, an all-star line up of London’s Afro-urban and Afro-funk DJs….”

The lineup for the night (which you can see in full below) contains some of the best London based Afro/Highlife enthisiasts and DJ’s, including Analog Jones and Breakplus of the Boglewaltz crew, Thristian BPM (Boiler Room/NTS), Moroka (Palm City Social), Rita Ray (The Shrine), and will be split over two floors – upstairs for strictly Afrobeat, and downstairs for Afro-Funk.

If you haven’t got any plans for next Friday, get yourself down, and if you have plans but are into it, change them!

The Asabaako Festival (London Launch Party)
24th August 2012

Downstairs: Afrobeats
T.Roy (Broadcite)
DJ Juls (YFM Accra)
Mr Hagan
Carlos de Carvalho (Radio Morali)
Moroka (Palm City Social)

Upstairs: Afro-funk
Rita Ray (The Shrine)
Thristian bPM (NTS)
Analog Jones (Boglewaltz)
Breakplus (Boglewaltz)


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