Africa Express 2012

A video appeared on YouTube last month which was seemingly a re-introduction to to the Africa Express project, and the original trip orchestrated by Damon Albarn. At around 30 minutes long, it not only focuses on the Western artists that travelled to Africa and the African musicians they met there, but also the lack of specific focus the trip had, and the potential outcome as a result of it.

If you don’t know anything about Africa Express, the obvious thing would be to watch the video and familiarise yourself with the project and the characters involved. However if you (as I am sure many of you already are) familiar with it, I urge you to watch it again to re-acquaint yourself with not only the people involved, but also the idea as a whole.

Africa Express – The Story So Far

The return of Africa Express as a live show has been announced for Saturday 12th May, as the ‘Sound System’  is once again on show as part of the Great Escape Festival. This has special significance for myself, as the original live show at Koko back in 2008 (which happened as a result of the journey in the video above) was my first foray into the world of African music. In hindsight, I may not have been alone in this experience, however this blog certainly would not exist had I not attended that night.

You can get your tickets to the Brighton show here. If you have any interest in African (I am reluctant to use the phrase ‘world’) music and can make it, I urge you to get down there. There is also news of a UK ‘tour’ by the project on the official website, however if you can’t wait until then, I will see you in Brighton.


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